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Onehash offers a full fledged casino and sportsbook backed by a trusted team

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Onehash offers a full fledged casino and sportsbook backed by a trusted team.

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  • Trust 9.8
  • Quality 9.3
  • Promotions 9.7
  • Games Diversity 9.8
  • Support 9.7

Dubbed as a “mutual bitcoin betting” site, OneHash is a relatively new gambling site that offers a distinctive kind of experience. As its tagline states, it specializes in mutual betting wherein bettors choose sides, place their bets, and win an amount proportionate to the bet they made. OneHash describes mutual betting as an adrenaline-pumping ways to bet on sports teams because the stakes are said to be free from corporate gambling machines and gaming algorithms.

OneHash is a bitcoin gambling site that allows two ways for placing bets: through the OneHash wallet and through direct transfers from the players’ bitcoin wallet to a unique bitcoin wallet address generated by OneHash for a specific bet. The site was originally introduced to just let players place bets against each other on their favorite teams with bitcoins. It was entirely a mutual bitcoin betting site focusing on sports betting. It has since evolved into a bitcoin gambling site with more gaming options. It now features slots, dice, and options betting.

Account Registration Not Needed

You don’t have to sign up for an account to play on OneHash. You can immediately proceed to find a game and placing your bet. You just have to enter your bitcoin address. However, we recommend registering for an account for convenience. It would be easier to play, win, and withdraw winnings if you have an account.

Registering for a OneHash account is a short and simple process. You will only be asked to enter your email address and nominate a password. Once you submit the form, your account registration is immediately processed and you are automatically logged into your account. You may encounter some issues with the CAPTCHA, though. In our experience, we had to switch to a different browser (Chrome) to sign up because there seems to be an issue with Firefox and the CAPTCHA system on OneHash. No email verification is required to complete the account registration.  We also did not receive any email regarding the registration.

The OneHash User Interface

The user interface for OneHash would likely appear new to those who have already tried other online casinos. However, it’s not difficult to figure out. The menu bar that is usually found on top of the site is on the left side. The links to all of the important pages of the site are presented on this menu.

There is no Profile Page on OneHash. What you will find are pages for the Settings, Cashier/Wallet, Betting History, and Calendar. The Settings page has sections where you can enable two-factor authentication, add your refund wallet address, choose which notifications you want to receive, and change your password.

The game interfaces are simple, intuitive, and somewhat attractive. They have a minimalistic but modern look. Responsiveness is also not an issue. You only need a decent and stable internet connection to be able to smoothly play on OneHash.

The OneHash website can be viewed in languages other than English. The site language toggle on the lower left side of the site lets you switch the site’s language to Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese.

Interestingly, OneHash does not seem to have a session timeout. Even after leaving the site idle for several hours and putting our computer to sleep, we were still able to go back to the site without being asked to sign in again.

OneHash Games

There are four main games on OneHash. These are the slots, dice, options betting, and the original mutual sports and events betting game (all of the betting games are counted as one here). The mutual betting game covers the following sports and events: basketball, esports, American football, hockey, baseball, rugby, volleyball, handball, combat sports, cricket, tennis, motorsport, special events, and cryptocurrency prices.

The links to the different games are neatly laid out on the left side. Slots are actually just one slots game, not a collection of slots games. It’s the same with dice and options market betting.

Unfortunately, there are no free versions of the games. OneHash can’t be considered a free bitcoin casino. You really have to make a deposit or to send bitcoins to OneHash before you can play.

OneHash Software and Fairness

The games on OneHash are apparently proprietary. They have been developed specifically for OneHash’s exclusive use. The slots and dice games are provably fair. Obviously, there’s no need for further proof of fairness when it comes to the mutual betting games as they are based on real events.

To test the fairness of the dice and slots games, just click on the Bet Verification option on top of the game interface. Doing this will show the details on how you can do the fairness test.

There’s no need for special software to play on OneHash. You don’t even have to get Flash.  The games are mostly responsive although we noticed that having the site opened in at least 4 tabs on Chrome for a long time (several hours) made the browser consume more than the usual RAM. This led to some stutters on the browser. This can be quickly addressed, though, with a simple restart. You should be able to immediately go back to your account after restarting the browser (you will not be required to log in again).

OneHash Is Mobile-Friendly

While it has no mobile apps, the OneHash website is mobile-friendly. The site’s layout and the amount of content shown are automatically adjusted according to the display size of the device used to access it. As such, players can just load the site on almost any mobile browser and proceed to play.

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Bitcoin is the only currency accepted on OneHash. To make a deposit, just click on the Deposit button on the Cashier/Wallet page. This will open a modal window wherein you can enter your bitcoin wallet address (if you have not entered it yet). After entering your bitcoin wallet address, you will then be asked to present your bitcoin wallet address QR code to your device’s camera. OneHash will scan your QR code through your camera.

We think this way of making a deposit is rather difficult. It should be just an option. OneHash should provide an option to make deposits by sending the bitcoins to a wallet address. Also, what happens if the player users a mobile device? How can the QR code be flashed to the device’s camera if the bitcoin wallet app and the browser (that has OneHash on it) can’t be on the same screen at the same time?

The OneHash wallet can only store a maximum of 1 BTC. Making deposits higher than 1 BTC is not allowed. Amounts exceeding 1 BTC are automatically sent back to a player’s bitcoin wallet.

For withdrawals, you just have to click on the Withdraw button under the Wallet page. The funds you withdraw will be sent to the bitcoin wallet address you added before you could make a deposit. Your withdrawal amount should be at least 0.005 BTC. Withdrawals need to be manually verified by the OneHash team before the actual transfer of bitcoins can take place. This means withdrawals can’t be instant or very quick.

OneHash Bonuses, Offers, and Affiliate Program

OneHash does not offer a lot of bonuses and promotions. It only has a deposit bonus and a bitcoin faucet.

The deposit bonus is essentially just a first deposit bonus. It is only granted once, on the first deposit made. The bonus is 100% of the deposit but not higher than 0.1 BTC. There is a rollover requirement for this bonus and it’s quite complicated. It is advisable to contact support first to clarify the terms before you avail this bonus.

The bitcoin faucet, on the other hand, lets you claim 0.000001 BTC every 10 minutes.

Country Restrictions and Anonymity

OneHash does not have country restrictions. It accepts players from the United States and other parts of the world. Just like in other online casinos, though, players need to be of legal age or at least 18 years old and there should be no laws in their respective countries or jurisdictions that prohibit gambling on sites like OneHash. It is deemed the responsibility of players to ascertain that there are no such laws in their countries. Also, players should not be under a self-exclusion agreement with other gambling sites or traditional casinos.

When it comes to anonymity, the OneHash Terms and Conditions does not mention anything about verifying the identification of its players. As such, OneHash can be considered as an anonymous bitcoin casino. It does not require players to submit identification documents to verify their identity. Personal details are not required during and after account registration.

OneHash License, Regulation, and Security

The OneHash website does not provide details about licensing and regulation.

When it comes to security, OneHash implements the basic https or SSL encryption for its website to protect players’ information. Also, OneHash provides the option to enable two-factor authentication to better protect players’ accounts.

The bitcoin deposits of player are stored in a cold wallet. Because of this, withdrawals may take some time but this is being implemented for the sake of security. Withdrawals are being manually verified by the OneHash team.

OneHash Player Support

Player support on OneHash is available 24/7 through email and live chat. You have to go to the Support page (link is on the left sidebar/menu bar) to use the email sending form. You can directly email your questions to OneHash to this address: For live chat support, just click on the persistent live chat button on the lower right corner of the site. You may also try to reach out to OneHash’s support team through its social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). The links are also on the menu to the left.

By the way, if you use live chat support, there are times when you don’t get a response on live chat but there’s actually a response sent to your email. Apparently, this happens when live chat has the “Away” status, and another support staff responds to your live chat messages through email.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Provably fair slots and dice games
  • Quick and easy registration, or play without signing up for an account
  • Anonymous playing


  • OneHash needs to use your camera before you can make a deposit (to scan your bitcoin wallet QR code)
  • Limited number of games
  • Relatively low first deposit bonus

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