999 Dice: Bitcoin, LTC & Dogecoin Dice Game Review

House edge is only 0.1%, making the payout rate an enticing 99.9%

999Dice Rating

999Dice has one of the lowest house edges we found for any dice game.

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  • Entertainment Value 9.5
  • Trust 9.8
  • Quality 9.2
  • Design 8.8
  • Support 9.5

999Dice is another dice only gambling site. It accepts multiple cryptocurrencies. It features a simple dice game. However, it distinguishes itself from other games because of its astoundingly low house edge of only 0.1%. This means that the site has a payout rate of 99.9%, hence the name.

999Dice uses this 0.1% house edge as its main selling point. On its website, it highlights how most other dice sites have significantly bigger house edge. That’s 0.1% versus 1% or 1/10 of what others are offering. You still need to achieve a certain player level to be able to avail of the lower house edge. With 999 Dice, the 0.1% house edge is a constant. It is the house edge right from the very moment you start playing.

Additionally, 999Dice offers the advantages of not imposing service charges except for the built-in transaction fees during bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Deposits also don’t need to be confirmed before they are credited to a player’s account. Most withdrawals are completed almost immediately. Moreover, the game’s bankroll is funded by private investors. 999Dice projects a sense of being a dependable and trustworthy gambling site because it does not have to resort to player contributions to maintain the bankroll.

Get to know more about this interesting cryptocurrency dice gambling site by going over our in-depth 999Dice review.

999Dice Homepage

Account Registration

It took us some time before we could clearly grasp the account registration setup on 999Dice. It’s not because it was difficult to find the section where you can register for an account. It’s because we couldn’t be sure if 999Dice.com automatically provides an account secured by a unique URL, just like what many other similar sites do.

At first glance, it would appear that an account has been automatically created because of the player statistics displayed above and the deposit address readily shown on the homepage. However, we got confused because couldn’t find the unique URL and the account registration tab appears to offer a method for converting a unique-url-protected account into a standard account or securing the account with a username and password.

Long story short, there is no automatic account creation associated with a unique URL. Account registration on 999Dice.com is basically similar to how it is done with traditional gambling sites, although significantly easier. You only need to enter your desired username and password. That’s all! You can get an account in a couple or so seconds. You quickly get a prompt whether or not you successfully created an account.

You then have the option to set up two-factor authentication. There are also options to change your display name and attach an identity

We have to note in this 999Dice site, though, that we couldn’t proceed with the account registration using Firefox. We had to switch to Chrome to get our account registered. We thought it was due to the script blocking extension we had on Firefox but we tried temporarily disabling the script blocker and we still couldn’t proceed to having an account registered.

Account Dashboard

The account dashboard is basically the same as the account registration interface. Nothing much changes after you sign up for an account and log in. Nothing really changes except for your ability to log in using your nominated username and password. This can be somewhat confusing so to be sure that you are really logged into your account or to make sure that you have properly logged out, be sure to check the Account tab.  If you can see your nominated username along with the line “Your login name is…” after refreshing the page, you have already logged into your account or you are still logged into your account. You can also scroll below (in the Account tab) and see if there’s a Logout button. Obviously, if you can see a Logout button, that only means that you are still logged into your account. We wish 999Dice’s creators could do something about this setup to make it more obvious whether or not you have already logged in or out.

999Dice Account Dashboard

The 999Dice Game

As mentioned, 999Dice only has one game. It’s just a basic dice game. You only have to choose your Bet Size and your % Chance to Win. Your possible Win Profit will then be automatically shown.

You only have two bets for the game. It’s either you Bet Low or you Bet High. A number between from 0 to 999,999 is randomly generated. If you Bet Low, that means you predict that the resulting dice number will be from 0 to 49,999. If you Bet High, the resulting number should be from 950,000 to 999,999. If the resulting number is between 50,000 to 949,999, that means there’s no chance for you to have won because those numbers are not within either Bet Low or Bet High ranges.

The winning numbers only total to 100,000 (the total of the numbers 0 to 49,999 and 950,000 to 999,999). From 0 to 999,999, you have 1 million numbers. However, you can only win if the result is 0 to 49,999 (50,000 possibilities out of 1 million) if you Bet Low or 950,000 to 999,999 if you Bet High. That means there are 950,000 possibilities (900,000 non-winning numbers plus the 50,000 non-winning number when you bet either High or Low) out of 1 million that you can’t win.

999Dice Game

We’re not sure how to statistically express these possibilities of winning but to make it simple, let’s discuss the numbers as lettered clusters. Let’s say the numbers 0 to 49,999 is cluster A while the numbers 950,000 to 999,999 is cluster T. In the 999Dice universe, there are only 20 clusters namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, and T. Only A and T are winning clusters. If you Bet High, you will only win if you get T. That’s a 1/20 chance. If you Bet Low, you must only get A to win, also a 1/20 chance.

999Dice Game Interface, Software, Fairness, and House Edge

The game interface is very simple. It’s just buttons and texts with black backdrop. There’s nothing attractive about it but it shouldn’t be a drawback if you are just in for some straightforward dice game. You have three columns on the game interface. The first is for the Bet Size, the second for the Chance to Win and the third for the Win Profit details. There are corresponding keyboard shortcuts for the buttons. These keyboard shortcuts are indicated on the buttons. To activate these shortcuts, just go to the Account tab and check the option to “Allow bet changes using keyboard,” “Allow setting max bet size using keyboard,” and “Allow bets using keyboard.”

We would like to assume that the software used here is proprietary since there is nothing mentioned about the site using software provided by other companies. The good news is that this software makes for a provably fair game. There’s a Fair Bets tab in the game, which presents a guide on how the game results can be tested for fairness.

As already stated in the introductory part of this 999Dice review, the house edge for the game is only 0.1%, making the payout rate an enticing 99.9%.

999Dice Is Mobile Friendly

999Dice Is Mobile-Friendly!

If you want to playe 999Dice on your smartphone or tablet, feel free to do so. The site is mobile-friendly. You also don’t need a Flash extension for your browser to be able to play. There are no dedicated iOS, Android, or Windows mobile apps available to play the 999Dice game but the mobile-friendly website should already be enough to address this lack.

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Bet Particulars

999Dice uses bitcoins (BTC), dogecoins (DOGE), and litecoins (LTC).

You can quickly make a deposit by sending bitcoins, dogecoins, or litecoins to the addresses indicated on the site. Deposits don’t need to be confirmed to be reflected on your account. However, for withdrawals, at least 1 deposit confirmation is required. Two confirmations will be needed for larger withdrawal requests. The minimum withdrawal limit is set at 0.0002 BTC. There’s a 0.0001 BTC standard fee for every withdrawal transaction.

All transactions are from wallet to wallet, from your bitcoin/dogecoin/litecoin wallet to the deposit address given on the website, vice versa for withdrawals.

999Dice Deposis and Withdrawals

No Demo Mode But a Free BTC/DOGE/LTC Faucet Is Available

Unfortunately, there is no Demo mode or Play for Fun version of the 999Dice game. You really need real cryptocurrency in your balance to play. There’s a “Practice Bets” tab but it still requires you to make a bitcoin deposit. It’s a good thing that the site has a free bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin faucet. Just click on the “Free Bitcoin” or “Free Dogecoin” or “Free Litecoin” button so you can claim your free cryptocurrency. This faucet system uses a CAPTCHA system. It grants 0.000002 BTC, 0.02 DOGE, or 0.00002 LTC every five minutes. If you have already obtained free BTC from the faucet, you have to wait for 5 minutes to get free BTC (again) or free DOGE or LTC.

No Bonuses and Promotions, Only an Affiliate Program

Again, just like most other single-game bitcoin gambling sites, 999Dice does not offer bonuses and promotions. It only has an affiliate program.

This affiliate program grants 50% of the house edge of every bet made by the player you referred to the site. Since the house bet is only 0.1%, you are bound to get 0.05% (50% of 0.1%) of all the bets made by the player you referred. The affiliate link is readily presented on the site, under the Earn Referral BTCs tab. There’s no need for a separate registration for the affiliate program.

999Dice Player Support

Even though 999Dice only provides player support through an online message sending form, we are glad to report in this 999Dice review that we at least receive a reply when we sent an inquiry. The online message sending form actually has only a field for the content. You can’t enter your email address in it. That’s why if you want to get a response, you need to include your email address in your message or you need to sign up for an account (which requires your email address) so that the replies to you can be directed to your email address

999Dice License, Regulation, Security, and Player Anonymity

There’s no information presented on 999Dice’s website regarding its license and the government body regulating its online gambling operations. It’s not that different from the many other single-game cryptocurrency gambling sites we have reviewed earlier, though. That’s why we are not that keen in pointing out the lack of licensing information as a drawback in this 999Dice review.

Also, we can pinpoint security issues with 999Dice. It’s good that it actually provides the option to set up two factor authentication. We just wish the setup for signing in and out of your account is made clearer. We would appreciate a big Sign In / Register button on the upper right corner of the site instead of keeping (or seemingly hiding) all of the account registration and login interfaces under the Account tab.

For player anonymity, we can safely say that 999Dice supports anonymous online gambling. The site does not demand personal details from players. Players are also not obliged to update their profiles.

Countries Served and Site Languages

We are were initially unsure if 999Dice accepts players from all parts of the world, especially in the United States. There is no list of restricted countries presented on the site. Just to be sure, though, observe the standard requirements for almost all online casinos: (1) you must be at least 18 years old or of legal age and (2) you should ascertain that there are no laws in your country that prohibit the betting of cryptocurrency in sites like 999Dice. 999Dice has no Terms and Conditions page that says that your account will be terminated or your winnings will be forfeited if you play from a certain country or state.

We contacted 999Dice’s admin to clarify its service to players in the United States. We are elated to have received a straightforward and apparently honest reply. Accordingly, 999Dice does not have “connections to the United States” and that nobody in the United States i involved in the operation of this site. The site has no infrastructure in the US and is not actively soliciting players from America.

Here’s an excerpt of the email we got from 999Dice:

“All that being said, it would be a futile effort to try to try to block all Americans from even accessing our website, far beyond our technological capabilities. So we just do our best to steer clear of anything American.

An Interesting side-note: a large chunk of Russian speaking players actually use web proxies in the USA to access our website.

In any case, I can’t claim to know the American laws better than the rumors I hear that they don’t allow online gambling for their citizens. If you’re American, I’d encourage you to obey your laws.”

The 999Dice website can be viewed in multiple languages namely English, Chinese, Lithuanian, Spanish, Croatian, Bahasa Indonesia, Polish, Turkish, Russian, German, and—we’re not sure if we can take this seriously—Klingon (the language of the eponymous fictional warrior species in Star Trek).


  • Anonymous signup
  • Google 2FA for account security
  • Free bitcoin, dogecoin, and litecoin faucets
  • Simple game with a low house edge of 0.1% and high payout rate of 99.9%
  • No confirmations required for deposits and quick withdrawals
  • Provably fair game
  • Generous affiliate program that offers 50% of the house edge
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Design is a bit dated
  • Does not serve players in the United States
  • No live chat support (only chat with other players)
  • A little complicated account registration setup
  • No bonuses and promotions offered

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