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Formed in 2013 Primedice is an old but trusted Bitcoin dice game

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PrimeDice is one of the oldest and most trusted dice games around. 100% anonymous.

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Primedice has one big bold claim. It proclaims itself to be the “undisputed #1 bitcoin gambling website and casino.” We always take a heavy dose of skepticism every time we encounter bitcoin gambling sites like this for obvious reasons. Still, we acknowledge that many of these sites are not necessarily bad. They are fond of making excessive claims but they may still offer something worthwhile.

Primedice started operations in May 2013 and is considered as one of the pioneers of dice bitcoin gambling. It has since grown into a good bitcoin gambling site that is regarded for the gaming experience and features it offers. It cites more than 300 pages of positive feedback on the Bitcointalk forums to claim that it is “the undisputed most popular and trusted bitcoin game in the world.”

Interestingly, at the time we started writing this review, the site reported that it already handled more than 10.5 million bets in the last 24 hours and nearly 700 BTC has been won. There’s something unusual with these numbers, though. We have to point out that these numbers apparently don’t represent the real number of bets within 24 hours on the site and the total BTC won in the last 24 hours. These numbers seem to just randomly change. They don’t reset after 24 hours (it took us some time to complete this Primedice review so we were able to carefully observe these numbers). These relatively high numbers supposedly indicate how popular Primedice is but they don’t seem accurate.

Well, that’s not a major issue with this bitcoin gambling site, though. To learn more about the more important aspects of Primedice, go over our in-depth Primedice review.

Primedice Homepage

Account Registration

Signing up for a Primedice account does not involve a typical sign-up process. As you load the website, you will be asked to enter your name and tick the tick box to signify that you are at least 18 years old and that you agree with the site’s Terms and Conditions. Once you enter your name, you will be brought to your account dashboard (to the left) and the game interface (occupying most of the page).

This is officially your account. You then have to set a password for it and add an email address. You also have the option to set two-factor authentication to make the account even more secure. If you fail to set a password for your account and you closed the Primedice tab or window (without closing your web browser), you can still return to your account by just loading the Primedice website again. However, if you have already closed your browser (with the Primedice cookies deleted), you can no longer access your account. You will have to contact customer support to gain access to the account.

Overall, this account registration process works for us. It would have been better, though, if Primedice displays a prompt that prevents you from closing the page and reminds you to enter your password in case you have not set a password for your account yet.

Account Dashboard

We examined the account dashboard and there’s nothing in it that requires you to reveal your identity. It’s a basic dashboard although there are some differences you may notice when you compare it to the dashboards of traditional online casinos. For instance, there’s a part that asks you to set an emergency address. This is actually for your bitcoin address. It is recommended that you add your bitcoin address here since there might be instances when Primedice will have to send your account balance to you.

It shouldn’t be difficult figuring out how the Primedice account dashboard works. It’s intuitive and highly responsive. You can also view a log of all your transactions.

The Primedice Game

So here we come to the most important part of this Primedice review: the assessment of the game. How does this game work? How is it different from other dice games? How’s the game interface and features?

We can say that the game is just like a typical dice game. Playing is similar to how it is done with other dice gambling sites. You just have to enter your bet amount, change the Payout and/or Win Chance as you prefer, and click on the Roll Dice button.

There’s almost no waiting time for the game result. After clicking on the Roll Dice button, you will immediately see whether you win or lose at the My Bets list below the game. If you win, your prize is automatically added to your balance. We wish Primedice could add some animation or maybe a little prompt to tell winners if they win or lose. The system currently in place seems so dull and takes away some of the excitement in playing the game. A little game animation similar to what has would be a good addition to Primedice.

Primedice is not without some extra features, though. For one, you can change the way the game interface looks by switching to a different theme through the Change Theme button near the upper right corner of the page. It also has a live chat section for players. Additionally, it comes with an Automated Betting function. It is perhaps one of the best automated betting function available on a dice gambling site we have encountered. It allows you to set a maximum number of rolls and increase the bet by a certain percentage or return the bet to the base number when a roll results in a loss or a win.

Moreover, Primedice features hotkeys for playing. They are disabled by default. Click on the Enable Hotkeys text to the right of the game to activate these hotkeys.

Primedice Game Hotkeys

Primedice Game Software, Fairness, and House Edge

The software used is proprietary Primedice software. This software enables a provably fair game. If you need to verify the result of a dice roll, just click on the Provably Fair button (the button with the “justice weighing scale” icon). Doing so will display the details on the client seed and server seed SHA-256 hash on the left part of the game. Go to the Verify page of Primedice (the link is near the upper right corner of the site) for the details on how you can test the fairness of the game.

Primedice has a house edge of 1%, which the site brags as the lowest for a dice site. It actually isn’t. There are a few sites that offer lower house edge.

Primedice Is Mobile Friendly

Mobile-Friendly Website

Primedice has a mobile-friendly website. It automatically adjusts to the the size of the display of the device viewing it. There are no iOS or Android mobile apps for Primedice but the mobile-friendly website suffices in providing a good mobile playing experience.

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees on Primedice

Primedice only uses bitcoins at the moment. Deposits require at least one confirmation before they get credited. Withdrawals, on the other hand, are only sent once there are no more unconfirmed deposits in a player’s account. A withdrawal transaction fee of 0.0002 BTC is charged on every withdrawal and is automatically deducted from the amount being withdrawn. The Primedice site does not state minimum and maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals. What’s stated is the maximum payout, which is 30 BTC for individual bet.

Primedice does not have play money or the usual FUN currency that can be used to try the game but there is a bitcoin faucet (more details below).

No Deposit Bonuses But there’s a Bitcoin Faucet, ‘White Hat Bounty,’ and an Affiliate Program

Primedice does not offer bonuses on deposits. However, it provides a number of opportunities for earnings other than through the game prizes.

Primedice has a bitcoin faucet. It’s the lowermost button you can find on the column of buttons to the left of the game. This bitcoin faucet grants 0.000002 BTC or 200 satoshis to all new players. The amount of satoshis granted by this faucet increases as the player level advances. The amount provided by the faucet increases as the Level of a player increases. You can check your player Level by going to your account dashboard, to your Profile in particular. Find the Achievements section to see your player level and to find out how you can attain the different player levels on the site. You can advance to a higher player level by placing more wagers and bets, earning more profits, sending messages on the player chat board, referring new players to the site, earning referral commissions, and maintaining your account longer (loyalty achievement).

Primedice also has a White Hat Bounty program, which is essentially a reward program for those who find bugs in the Primedice software. The reward under this program is based on the seriousness of the discovered bug. To report a bug, you need to send an email to player support at .

Additionally, Primedice has an affiliate program. You don’t have to sign up for this program. Just go to the lowermost section of your Profile to find your affiliate link and the link for your affiliate dashboard. This affiliate program grants a 10% commission of the house edge. That’s 10% of the 1% house edge.

Player Support and Site Languages

Player support on Primedice is only through email. You can send your inquiries or requests for assistance to You may also use the online email sending form on the site by clicking on the Help link on the upper right corner of the site. We tried sending a message but we failed to get a reply. Primedice probably does not provide 24/7 support.

Primedice is available in two languages: English and Russian. At the time we were doing this Primedice review, the site language toggle on the upper right corner of the page was not working. The language selector for the chat board was working, though.

Primedice Player Support

Country Restrictions

We contacted Primedice regarding player restrictions based on their country or location. We were told that players from the United States and the United Kingdom are not allowed to make bitcoin deposits on Primedice because of legal prohibitions. However, they may use the free bitcoin faucet to play.

Primedice License, Security, and Player Anonymity

Primedice does not mention anything about its license on its website. There’s also no information about the security measures employed to protect accounts and transactions. However, it is implied in the site that players on Primedice can play anonymously. There are no proofs of identity required when making deposits or withdrawals.


  • Minimum bet is only 1 satoshi
  • Free bitcoin faucet
  • Provably fair game
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Anonymous playing


  • No live chat support
  • Slightly dull game interface. The themes available look almost the same.
  • No bonuses.

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