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SafeDice employs a variable house edge system and is provably fair

Safedice Rating

Safedice has an extremely low house edge making it once of the best dice games online.

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  • Entertainment Value 9.6
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  • Quality 9.6
  • Design 9.5
  • Support 9.5

SafeDice touts itself that it is the most competitive dice site as it claims to have the lowest variable house edge. It offers a relatively simple game but is provably fair and supports anonymous online monero or bitcoin betting.

There are actually quite a few things that make SafeDice an interesting alternative to consider if you want to try another dice gambling. It’s not really a new dice site but has been updated to address complaints in the past and aim to offer a better experience.

In addition to the notably low house edge, SafeDice’s list of attractive features includes the option for players to invest in the game or provide the bankroll, instant and anonymous player registration, and a real-time off-chain betting system. The site also features a quick deposits and withdrawals, an auto betting feature, and good account and transaction security. Moreover, SafeDice offers a generous referral or affiliate program.

SafeDice Homepage

Account Registration

Just like some of the other dice gambling sites we have already reviewed, SafeDice does not require player registration. To play, you just have to enter your alias. You will then get a unique URL that will serve as your access to your account. You will find this unique URL, referred to as your “secret link” under the Settings (or Personal) page. Be sure to copy this unique URL as it is the only way through which you can access your account again, unless you set up a username and password for your account.

Just like 999Dice and a number of other dice sites we have already reviewed, you also have the option to convert your account into a traditional SafeDice account that can be accessed using a username and password. To do this, you just have to go to the Settings page and find the Set Username and Password section. You may also enter your bitcoin or monero wallet address. This address will be used as the recipient address when sending your balance in case something goes wrong with the SafeDice system.

SafeDice Account Registration

Account Dashboard

The SafeDice account dashboard is just the usual interface you see in other sites. The Settings page serves as your profile page, although there’s really nothing much about you here. You will only see your secret link and sections for adding a username, password, and emergency bitcoin or monero address. It took us some time to locate the Cashier page since we expected the link for it to be located just beside the links for the Settings. It’s actually on the game interface itself: the pair of Deposit and Withdraw buttons on the upper right corner of the SafeDice game interface.

SafeDice Settings Page

The SafeDice Game

The SafeDice game is similar to most other dice sites. To play, you have to make your deposit and proceed to entering your bet amount and do the changes you want with the Winning Chance and Payout. You then have to decide if you want to bet “Hi” or “Lo” before clicking on the Roll button. The Payout number, by the way, is the multiplier for computing your prize, not the prize itself if you win a game.

SafeDice Game

The game is just like most other dice games. Some animation may make it a little better but there’s nothing to complain about. The game is always responsive—unless it goes offline. Take note of the connection status indicator on the upper right right corner of the site.

SafeDice Disconnection Problem

If it’s red, it means you are not connected. It’s white when connected. However, we found out that when it goes red, it does not return to white even when the game is actually already online, unless you refresh the page. SafeDice’s development team should do something about this.

SafeDice does not have a demo version or a Play for Fun mode but you can actually play without making a deposit. As such, we can include SafeDice in our list of free bitcoin casino sites. To play without making a deposit, you just have to enter 0 in the bet amount and you can proceed to playing. You will be able to roll the dice and see your game result. You will also be able to see your game listed in the table of most recently played games. But of course, since your bet amount is 0, you will also get 0 if you win or lose.

SafeDice Game Software, Fairness, and House Edge

SafeDice appears to be using its proprietary game software, which is designed to be provably fair. It has a page devoted to presenting all the information you need to verify the fairness of the game. It presents the server seed hash, nonce, and account seed, along with details on how to do the verification and the verification code that can be used so you can do your own testing. SafeDice supports “instant verification,” by allowing you to quickly generate a new server seed after you click on the Update button in the form on the Provably Fair page of the site.

SafeDice Is Provably Fair

SafeDice employs a variable house edge system, which is being touted as something better than a flat house edge. The default house edge is 0.5% but it can go higher at the expense of having a lower profit percentage of the bankroll. With SafeDice, you can play with a higher house edge but you can win bigger prizes by doing so. As mentioned in the Games section of this SafeDice review, the house edge gets automatically adjusted when the game numbers are changed. However, what triggers a change in the house edge is actually just the Max Win amount. If the Max Win amount is equivalent to 0.5% of the bankroll, the game is set to follow a 1% house edge. SafeDice employs a 0.5 kelly system. As such, the house edge is expected to always double the ratio of the Max Win to the bankroll. The maximum house edge is set at 10%.
SafeDice Is Mobile Friendly

SafeDice Is Mobile-Friendly

There should be no problems if you plan on playing SafeDice with your smartphone or tablet. SafeDice is similar to most other bitcoin mobile bitcoin casino sites. If you load it on a mobile browser, it automatically adjusts its layout and the amount of content shown to attain the optimum use of the limited space. SafeDice does not have an app for playing the game on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices but the mobile-friendly site should already be enough to provide a good enough mobile gaming experience.

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

SafeDice only uses two currencies—or cryptocurrencies to be more accurate. These are bitcoins (BTC) and moneros (XMR).

Before you get to play, you will be asked to choose which particular cryptocurrency you want to play with. This does not mean, though, that you will be stuck with just one currency. You can quickly switch to another currency through the currency toggle near the upper left corner of the site (BTC or XMR).

Deposits and withdrawals are on a wallet-to-wallet basis. If you want to make a deposit, click on the Deposit button on the game interface. You will be given your assigned bitcoin wallet address. Send bitcoins to this address and wait for 1 confirmation to have the amount reflected in your account balance.

You can see your account balance by clicking on the chart icon in between the Play and Invest buttons.

Have a look at the screen below to see your balance screen.

SafeDice Withdrawals

For withdrawals, it’s mostly similar to the setup implemented by other dice sites. You just have to enter your BTC or XMR wallet address and amount to initiate the withdrawal. The slight difference, though, is that you can set two-factor authentication to make sure that only you can withdraw the funds you have in your account.

Bonuses, Promotions, Player Rewards, and Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, SafeDice does not offer bonuses and promotions similar to what most other online bitcoin betting sites offer. Don’t expect a welcome or sign up bonus, first deposit bonus, or reload bonus. SafeDice does not even have a bitcoin faucet. This dice monero and bitcoin betting site also does not offer VIP programs and rewards. You may earn some satoshis or mBTCs by frequenting the chat board (through bot rains and tips from other players) but we are not convinced that this is a good enough alternative for a bitcoin faucet.

SafeDice’s affiliate or player referral program offers a standard commission of 0.1% for every amount wagered by the player you refer. This sounds very small but at the very least, you are guaranteed that you have a share in every bet made by the players you refer. However, you can get 10% of the house edge multiplied by the wagered amount (in lieu of the flat 0.1%) if your referred player plays in a game with a house edge of less than 1%.

Moreover, you can invest in the game or contribute to the bankroll and have the opportunity to earn a share in the profits of SafeDice, in addition to getting commissions through the affiliate program. You just have to go to the Invest tab in the SafeDice game interface. You have the option to choose either of the following risk levels: Conservative (0.5x Kelly), Recommended (1x Kelly), and Aggressive (2x Kelly).

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

SafeDice does not implement IP blocking. There are no countries prevented from accessing the site, signing for an account, and playing. As such, we can group it among the US-accepted bitcoin casino sites we have reviewed here. However, the standard requirement for online gamblers still apply. Players must be of legal age and they should ascertain that there are no laws in their respective countries or jurisdictions that prohibit online gambling using bitcoins or moneros.

If you want to play dice anonymously online, SafeDice is not a bad option. It does not require personal information from players. It does not even maintain a player profile page. No proofs of identity or address are required when making deposits and withdrawals. It affords players the perks of an anonymous bitcoin casino.

SafeDice is available in three languages: English, Russian, and Chinese.

SafeDice Languages

SafeDice License, Regulation, and Security

The SafeDice website does not provide information pertaining to the site’s online gambling license and regulation. As usual, this is not something we can point out as a major drawback since most other similar websites don’t really present details about their licensing and the government authority that oversees their operations.

When it comes to security, SafeDice guarantees secure player accounts and transactions through SSL encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA). The 2FA security feature is optional so if you want to use it, you have to configure it. The site provides all the details you need to protect your account with two-factor authentication.

SafeDice’s deposited bitcoins or moneros, moreover, are being kept in cold storage to avoid instances of online theft.

SafeDice Player Support

If you want to contact SafeDice for your inquiries or to ask for assistance on technical, administrative, or financial concerns, your main line of communication is the SafeDice email address, which is . If you fail to get a reply, you may also try contacting SafeDice through its official BitcoinTalk thread. This forum appears to be quite active. While waiting for a reply for your email, you may also chat with other SafeDice players in the chatroom. Just click on the Chat Room button on the lower right corner of the site.

Notes and Issues

This SafeDice review, so far, has been mostly positive but we can’t not mention the issues we encountered while doing this review. It took us longer than expected to complete the review because the site kept going down or unresponsive. As we started the review, we couldn’t proceed to creating an account. We had to seek out some feedback or comments from players to come up with something substantive to put in this review. The site also occasionally refused to let us log in.

This is reflected in the most recent comments on BitcoinTalk (at the time this SafeDice review was done). Many players complain about the site going down or refusing to let players sign in. There are also players who had complained about their withdrawals getting delayed or being unable to initiate a withdrawal.

Pros and Cons


  • Provably fair game
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Low house edge


  • Only one game available
  • Occasional downtimes or disconnection instances at the time this SafeDice review was made
  • No bitcoin faucet
  • Player support is only through email
  • No bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs and rewards

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