Bitcoin Gambling and Blockchain to Headline iGB Live, Amsterdam

iGB Live 2018: Why Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are Future of iGaming

The biggest and most dedicated iGaming exhibition and conference, iGB Live, will take place July 17-20, 2018 in Amsterdam RAI Convention Center. Unlike in the past, this year’s exhibition will act like a three brand event, bringing together European B2B gaming conference, the iGaming Super Show and EiG (Excellence in Gaming). One of the main topics to be discussed will be the current and future success of blockchain and bitcoin casinos.

In attendance will be exhibitors from all corners of the iGaming universe made up of producers of online slots, as well as, affiliate programs and payment providers among others. One group worth noting is Softgamings which is one of the most successful gaming software companies for online gambling and bitcoin games online. With them will be another 5,200 delegates from the iGaming industry confirmed to participate.

The event seeks to provide stakeholders and other partners a unique opportunity to engage across an entire iGaming space at a single event.  On display will be some of the latest and most cutting-edge technologies and products for online gambling and gaming. Visitors also stand to enjoy a unique experience on an entirely new generation of iGaming products and technologies.

Slow Cryptocurrency Uptake In Gambling

This year’s event will seek to offer potential partners and advisors an opportunity to identify and approach some of the best businesses in blockchain and crypto iGaming as well as bitcoin casino gambling. So far this year and last, cryptocurrencies have flooding the online marketplace and is huge for gaming. Bitcoin casinos in particular are big deal in the iGaming sphere as more operators add support for various cryptocurrencies as payment options. It is no longer just about Bitcoin gambling, as Monero, ZCash, Etherium and many more virtual currency options come to life.

However, cryptocurrency adoption in the online betting industry is yet to reach the desired levels as some gambling operators remain skeptical about adding support for cryptocurrencies payments. Bitcoin gambling ought to be a big industry by now, given the proven benefits that operators stand to enjoy on adding support for various virtual currencies.

Slow uptake of cryptocurrencies in the gambling business, in part, has to do with the limited understanding of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology work and their potential impact. (Editor’s note: This misunderstanding is not at the players level, but more some from the government and coportation perspective. Most, if not all gamblers have an undrestanding of this business.) A good number of gaming operators have remained on the fence in part because they don’t know which cryptocurrencies to add support to, from a list of over 1,000 Altcoins in use, and these numbers will only increase with time and ICO developments in the industry.

iGB Live Focus on Cryptocurrencies

Perception could change at this year’s iGB Live convention as leaders in the blockchain space are scheduled to give insights on why now is the appropriate time for gambling operators to consider bitcoin gambling. Some of the guest speakers at the four-day event include iGaming Business Head of Strategy Michael Caseli as well as Blockchain Innovations Corp CEO, Mathew Stafford.

Online Casino PlayAmo has already shown that Bitcoin gambling in iGaming is the way to go. The trusted online casino for players in Turkey, Sweden, Norway, and Russia has invested €2.5 million as it moves to expand its services to become a casino leader with Bitcoin payments.

The company has already set up the use of blockchain and bitcoin technology as it looks to address the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Entry into the bitcoin market should open up new segments on players looking to bet and play online games while paying using cryptocurrencies.

Various leaders in the blockchain business are expected to provide insights on why gaming operators need to start adopting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in their platforms. Apart from cryptocurrencies, iGB Live will also feature discussions on how blockchain technology, the underlying technology powering virtual currencies, can be leveraged on offerings in the online gambling business.

Other topics of discussion will include opportunities in emerging markets as well as why offshore remote gambling offshore could be a cost-effective and secure home for gaming operators. This should come as a relief for many casino sites that face scrutiny from governments. Recently, Asian countries in particular have been cracking down on online gambling gaming companies.

SoftGamings iGB Participation

SoftGamings is one of the companies that will exhibit at the iGB live event at stand P19. The online gaming provider with over 100+ cross-platform games plans to demonstrate the good, old, and brand new products and services at this year’s event.

The company will also provide attendees who visit its booth an opportunity to examine various promotional material and learn more about product and services. SoftGamings is also to share synergies of its new strategic partnership with online and mobile casino content provider iSoftBet.

Both companies working together look to capitalize on bitcoin gambling and the endless need for gaming development. The partnership will result in the merger of the two companies gaming libraries, paving the way for the two companies to maximize their potential when it comes to online Bitcoin casino.  Thanks to the partnerships, operators using SoftGamings advanced platform will be able to diversify their bitcoin offerings to include more blockbuster slots as well as table games and video poker titles.

Despite the mixed feelings worldwide about bitcoin gambling, iSoftBet and soft gaming partnership underlines the fact that cryptocurrencies have a role to play in online gambling as one of the ways of enhancing gamblers experience.

iGB looks to create bridges of opportunity through conversation and exhibition. There is much tension throughout Europe especially with bitcoin gambling and what it means for local and federal governments. The newly passed GDPR laws and regulations will hopefully create more opportunity rather than diminish them in Europe, as unfortunately seen with countries like Norway and its battle against Bitcoin gambling.

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