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If you are looking for another bitcoin dice or bitcoin betting alternative, you may want to consider BitDice. This licensed bitcoin betting site actually offers more than just dice. It also supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

BitDice is a licensed BTC gambling site that has more than just one game. It still isn’t a full-fledged bitcoin casino, though. At the time we wrote this Bitdice review, the site had only 3 games although it supposedly has 4. The game, additionally, supports 5 cryptocurrencies although deposit and withdrawal transactions are only on a wallet to wallet basis.

BitDice is at the very least a decent option if you are looking for a site for casual bitcoin betting. It offers relatively simple games with good chances of winning. The site is licensed so somehow you can be assured that you will not fall for a scheme or scam with it. The site is worth considering.

BitDice Homepage

Account Registration and Account Dashboard

Like a number of other dice sites, BitDice automatically creates an account for anyone who visits the site, although in a different way. The account is even given a random name. Bitdice “baptized” us as “dasia.mann.” If you don’t like the name given to you, though, you can easily have it changed. You just have to click on the name and a little modal window appears. This modal window essentially serves as the account dashboard, allowing you to change your account name and do other modifications. You can also set up your two-factor authentication and enable Permanent Bet Lock through this window. Moreover, this modal window shows your password (randomly created by the BitDice system) and allows you to change it.

Basically, BitDice provides you a readily created account. As mentioned, the automatic account creation is not tied to a unique URL or personal address. With BitDice, you get an automatically generated traditional account—traditional in the sense that it is an account with a username and password.

The Games on BitDice

Based on the links on the homepage, BitDice supposedly has four games: Dice, Blackjack, BitAce, and Slots.

BitDice Dice Game

The site’s Dice game is the default game shown on the BitDice homepage. It is a usual dice game you may have already encountered before. To play, you just have to enter your bet amount and set your win chance or multiplier. Once you enter the number for your Win Chance, the Profit and Multiplier numbers automatically get adjusted. Similarly, if you enter a number for your Multiplier, the Profit and Win Chance figures are adjusted.

You may use hotkeys for the dice game. Enable them by clicking on the Turn on Hotkeys link right below the Deposit and Cashout buttons to the left. The hotkey indicators will then appear on the commonly used buttons of the game after your click the Turn on Hotkeys link.

BitDice’s Blackjack game is a typical blackjack game with 8 decks reshuffled every hand. It pays 3 to 2 and the dealer hits soft 17. The minimum and maximum bets are 0.0001 BTC and 0.496 BTC respectively. The game also has hotkeys. They are readily indicated on the buttons you would usually use in playing the game.

Lastly, BitDice has a great selection of slot games. See below for a sample from their selection.

BitDice Game Platform, Fairness, and House Edge

BitDice does not rely on software or games provided by casino game providers such as RTG or SoftSwiss. It uses its own proprietary software or platform, which fortunately makes for provably fair games. If you click on your account name and click on the Change Seeds link, you will open a modal window for viewing or changing the server seed, server seed hash, and client seed.

All bets come with their respective bet information pages. These pages provide various information including the user seed, bet hash, secret hash, and secret. You can proceed to testing the fairness of the game results by using the information provided in these pages.

BitDice touts a low house edge of 1%. It’s not the lowest among the other similar sites we have already reviewed but it’s attractive enough.

Bitdice mobileBitDice Is Mobile-Friendly

BitDice has a mobile-friendly website, which is the result of a responsive web design, not a separate mobile website version. The site should look good across devices with different display sizes. We did not find a difference in the performance of the site and games when loaded on mobile browsers, as compared to being loaded on a desktop.

BitDice does not have an app for playing the games on iOS, Android, or Windows smartphones and tablets but the mobile-friendly site already suffices in providing a good enough mobile gaming experience.

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

As already mentioned in the introductory part of this BitDice review, this site accepts multiple cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are bitcoin (BTC), dash (DASH), litecoin (LTC), clams (CLAM), and ethereum (ETH). Deposits and withdrawals are on a wallet-to-wallet basis. If you are not that familiar with bitcoins yet, the Deposit interface has guides on how you can get bitcoins.

To make a deposit, you will have to generate a bitcoin wallet address for your account. This address can be used several times. The minimum deposit (similar to the minimum bet amount in the case of BitDice) is 0.00001 BTC. Deposits are reflected on your account after one confirmation (for most cryptocurrencies). If you deposit using CLAM and ETH, at least 3 confirmations are required.

For withdrawals, you simply have to click on the Cashout button to bring out the withdrawal form that will ask you to enter the amount you want to withdraw and the bitcoin wallet address where your withdrawn bitcoins are to be sent. Every cashout transaction will cost you 0.0002 BTC or the equivalent amount in other cryptocurrencies.

In case you have bitcoins but you want to play using other cryptocurrencies, you can use the Swap Currency function on BitDice. At the time we were doing this BitDice review, though, the Swap Currency function was only available to BTC, DOGE, LTC, and ETH. Also, this Swap Currency feature uses the Bittrex Market rate and does not provide refunds.

BitDice Currency Swap

Bonuses, Promotions, Player Rewards, and Investment

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a first deposit bonus, reload bonus, or welcome and sign up bonus, you can’t get any from BitDice. The site does not have bonuses and promotions. Also, it does not have a referral or affiliate program. However, BitDice has a “Levels” scheme, which is comparable to a number of VIP programs and rewards given by other online casinos. Players on BitDice can advance to a higher level by placing more bets. The wager amounts needed to achieve the different levels in the game are as shown below:

bitddice levels

Higher player levels mean higher shares in the free coins granted by the site’s rainbot. Yes, compensating for the lack of bonuses is BitDice’s rainbot. For the uninitiated, the rainbot is not something synonymous to a bitcoin faucet. It is a scheme that grants free coins to players based on the tips given by some players. The granting of free coins by the rainbot is unannounced. It depends on the generosity of the players on the site. If you want to send “rain” (free bitcoins through the chat board) to other players, you just have to use the following command: “/rain (amount).” When a player sends a rain, a minimum of 0.0001 BTC is required.

BitDice, moreover, provides players the opportunity to invest in the game, to fund the site’s bankroll. If you don’t have the luck to win in the games, you may want to contribute to the bankroll and earn profits from players’ losses. Investors can choose their Kelly level, from 0.5 to 10 (default is 1, which means a maximum of 1% is risked). For example, with a Kelly level of 1, you invested 100 and the player wins, your 100 is reduced to 99. If later on the player loses, your 99 will earn .99 so your new investment balance will rise to 99.99. On the other hand, if the player loses, your 100 investment will rise to 101 and rise to 102.1 if the player loses once more. The investment rises or gets reduced at a rate of 1% based on the running balance.

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

BitDice does not implement an IP filtering system. Everyone who wishes to engage in some casual bitcoin betting is welcome to try BitDice. It can be considered a US-accepted bitcoin casino. However, although there’s nothing mentioned on the site regarding the qualifications of players, we would like to presume in this BitDice review that the standard requirements for online casinos apply (i.e. players should be of legal age and that there should be no legal prohibitions against online gambling in the country or jurisdiction where the player resides).

If anonymity is a big factor for you, you will be glad to know that BitDice supports anonymous playing. Your personal details will not be required as you play on the site. BitDice is just like every other anonymous bitcoin casino that allows you to keep your identity, especially as you only use cryptocurrency to play.

The BitDice website only has an English language version.

BitDice Player Support

Support on BitDice is provided through email. If you have questions or if you need assistance as you play on the site, contact BitDice’s support team through The site does not provide live chat or telephone support. It is not indicated whether or not 24/7 customer support is available. We assume it isn’t since we did not get a quick response when we made an inquiry on a Sunday.

You may also contact BitDice through its official Twitter account.

BitDice License, Regulation, and Security

BitDice is a registered online gambling operation governed by the laws of Costa Rica. Its full name is BitDice Casino S.L.R. It operates unders registration ID# 3-102-636267.

There is nothing being emphasized regarding the security on BitDice but we want to point out in this BitDice review that there’s an option to enable two-factor authentication. That should provide good protection for accounts. Also, the site appears to limit access to the games to just one instance. If you open the site in another tab, the other tab gets disconnected. As such, you can’t open your account in two places or even in two windows or tabs in the same computer. We also like to commend the “instant traditional account” BitDice provides, instead of the usual unique-url-protected ones used by other dice sites. With BitDice’s automatically generated traditional account, you get an account that is readily password-protected. You just have to change the account name and password, and enable two factor authentication to make the account totally yours.


BitDice may not offer all of the features and advantages of a full-blown BTC gambling site but it offers a few things that make it worth a try, especially for new bitcoin betting enthusiasts. The support for multiple cryptocurrencies, fast account registration, support for player anonymity, provably fair system, and the fact that the site is licensed make BitDice a good option.


  • Good intuitive games with simple mechanics
  • Provides an option to invest in the bankroll (chance to earn as players on the site lose)
  • Provably fair
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Anonymous gambling


  • Limited games
  • No bitcoin faucet
  • No bonuses and promotions

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